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Look inside the human condition to unlock persuasive communications

It has long been written that we must find ways to connect emotionally and not just rationally for brands to succeed. “Connect with the heart and not just the mind.” (Connecting with “the hands” is also a powerful way to change behavior but that is for a future post.)

And we also know that we must work to find those prevailing reasons that really matter in choosing a brand. Bringing these insights to life in persuasive communications is the perpetual challenge of an idea-driven firm like ours.

A formula for connecting on a deeper level

One way we like to spark those creative ideas is to look inside the human condition and assess whether there are some etched storylines within us – many of which have been formulated over centuries and others that are more recent – to build a meaningful connection between our products and services and our intended audiences.

Examples of the human condition in communications


Why do we like to root for the underdog? Avis built a global brand on celebrating its #2 market position as “We Try Harder” to connect with the traveling public.


Do we not all have dreams that need a boost of encouragement to get going? Nike and Home Depot have tapped into this desire with “Just Do It” and “Let’s Do This” campaigns that have stood the test of time. The Always brand took a related self-confidence challenge head on with its #LikeAGirl campaign.


As social creatures, we all crave to be part of a community or family. Coca-Cola has been leveraging this universal truth for generations in its campaigns from Teaching the World to Sing to a pack of polar bears and sharing happiness with a friend.


Who amongst us does not want to feel special? Zappos leverages this human truth in its “Our Vow to Wow” advertising and in all it does with its consumer-friendly policies and world-class customer service.


We look forward to unlocking your human truth possibilities in a future campaign.


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