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In case you missed us on LinkedIn last month...

Throughout March, we featured quotes from our staff and partners about what Women's History Month means to them. We had some great personal accounts and didn't want anyone to miss out on reading them! Continue below for all the great content we posted. If you would like to share one that speaks to you, head over to our LinkedIn page to do so!

"Women’s History Month means celebrating the community we build among women, especially at work. Our small yet mighty teams are women led and strong. I cherish the leadership and unique flair we bring to our client work and the respect we have for one another.Cheers to us!"

- Nicole Billingslea -

Account Executive at IMC

"Women in leadership roles aren’t defined by our titles or the numberof years we have been in the industry. Leadership is achieved when westand up for what’s right, fight for what’s important and support our fellow female team members with respect and encouragement. Leadership is inside all women, it’s a natural part of who we are; find your inner leader and let her soar."

- Marina Welk -

Executive Director, Sr. Consultant at MPG

"This month is a time for me to reflect on who I am. Sports role models, like Mia Hamm, have shaped my self-drive (both on and off the pitch). Designers and animators, like Barbara Kruger and Walt Disney, have inspired me to find my own voice in my designs. Coaches and teachers, like my dad, have taught me that regardless of your gender there are no limits to what you can do because you are destined to shine. So here’s to all the champions, both women and men, supporting others so they may shine too."

- Nicole Way -

Senior Graphic Designer at IMC

"I used to worry about keeping pace with my peers but over the years, I’ve learned to recognize and appreciate my strengths and contributions. In the end, we are all pieces to a puzzle where the sum is greater than its parts. The key is to build on each other’s strengths and not compare yourself to others. It’s what I adore about working at MPG – being on a team with smart, amazing, supportive women!"

- Jennifer Day -

Executive Director at MPG

"I honestly can’t think of a better role model in my life than my mom. She has always been a hardworking, strong and independent woman who always made sure she was there for me no matter how busy she was. She’s had a lot of hardships of her own and because of them, she has always created this loving and supportive space for me to flourish in my own life. Even though I’ve ‘flown the coop’, she still remains that person I can rely on."

- Sammanth Primich -

Graphic Designer at IMC

"Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to have been managed and mentored by a few exceptional women that made huge impact on who I am as a professional and a person. I have been taught so many life lessons watching these women lead by example with passion, ferocious drive, empathy and integrity. And despite their hectic days, they made the space to lift up others. I hope I can keep that chain strong and give back. We are stronger together. "

- Rebecca Kist -

Group Lead & Account Manager at IMC

"Maya Angelou once said, ‘You can’t use up CREATIVITY, the more you use, the more you have’. This quote inspires me as a creative professional and a woman. We can always do more, and we can always give more of ourselves to the things in life we are most passionate about. This passion will not deplete us, but it will continue to inspire us. Thank you to all the great women who have come before me, and to all the great womenI work with every day. It is our turn toget out there and inspire others!"

- Regina Sherman -

Account Manager at IMC


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