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Meet the team!

This is the start of a new series called "Hello From..." where we will be introducing you to the IMC team members - some that you know pretty well and some that work behind the scenes to make the magic happen. You'll get to learn about their "superpowers" that make them so valuable to our team, what drives them and other important things like their favorite ice cream flavor.

We're kicking things off with a spotlight on one of our creative gurus, Nicole Way.

Hey Nicole! What do you do at IMC?

On any given day, I can have my hand in anywhere from 5-10 different projects. I take a written brief, words on a page, and bring them to life in projects such as digital displays, social content, emails, in-store displays and signage, direct mailers, product design and so much more. I have the trust of my teammates and our clients to create art that can persuade shopping behaviors, inspire action and evoke emotion. And that is powerful.

What do you love most about your job?

The people. It's where "everybody knows my name, and they're always glad I came 🎵". It just wouldn't have been right if I didn't add some of my cheesy humor to this!

Our close-knit group is a fun and experienced powerhouse. There isn't anything our team can't accomplish!

What is your "Superpower"?

Have you ever watched a beaver build a dam before? They slowly add pieces of wood and are constantly rearranging them till it's perfect. They even come back regularly to check on it. (*starts to laugh at how off topic this sounds but I promise this is going somewhere*)

I think my superpower is creating renderings. Similar to how dedicated a beaver is to building a dam, I function a similar way. I have an affinity for creating compelling product or display renderings from scratch! And I'm always looking back at it to see how it can be improved.

What are 5 adjectives to describe yourself?

  • Imaginative

  • Perceptive

  • Adventurous

  • Reliable

  • Empathetic

Favorite ice cream flavor? Cone or cup?

Hands down, it was and still is, Edy's Toll House® Cookie Swirl. I say "was" because I'm pretty sure it's discontinued. Chunks of cookie dough, chocolate chips, and a gooey cookie dough swirl (similar to a fudge ripple)... heaven. And cup all the way. Can't risk any ice cream dripping away!

Where can we find you when you are not working?

  • Walking the beach looking for sea glass and shark teeth

  • Enjoying the great outdoors, participating in any activity that fits my fancy that day

    • Hiking, kayaking, riding a bike, playing tennis or pickle ball, taking the dog for a run, or even creating a driveway masterpiece with chalk

  • Upcycling every day products into something new and useful, like cards or drink carriers into coasters!

  • In Disney World!


Thanks Nicole! Stay tuned monthly for more introductions.


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